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who we are

Like many of us out there, Bern is a pup lover. Over the years, her two mischievous hounds have gone through more harnesses, toys, and leashes than one can count. Pups will be pups, and anything destroyed, Bern would quickly replaced. She found herself throwing away bags of well loved toys and accessories which had been purchased for the four legged members of her family. With many of these items being made from synthetic fibers or plastics, these discarded dog products would go towards the rising amount of pet related waste ending up in landfills.

As many of us strive towards making sustainable lifestyle choices, we take care in what we purchase for ourselves. Buying for our furry family members is no different.

In addition to sourcing local and eco-friendly products, The Pup Emporium is able to import pup accessories in bulk which not only reduces shipping costs, but also reduces the carbon footprint of our shoppers.

The Pup Emporium knows our pups are our family and believes in sourcing and providing high end and sustainable products for you and your loved one.